Holiday Fire Safety Tips

1. Christmas Trees
2. Electrical Hazards
3. Ladders
4. Fire Safety Links


1. Christmas Trees:

It doesn't matter if you cut it fresh from the woods or a beautiful artificial one from the box, Christmas Trees can be a big fire hazard if you are not careful.

Tip to be safe:

- Make sure your tree is properly watered.

- Keep your tree at least 3 feet from any heat source.

- Invest in a fire retardant artificial tree.

- Never place lit candles on your Christmas Tree

2. Electrical Hazards

Over the holiday season you might want to light up your home and neighbourhood, remember to follow the below tips to keep your family safe.

- Make sure all lights are in tip top shape and have no frayed wires.

- Do not overload your plug ins!

- Do not use staples to secure extension cords

3. Ladders

We all look forward to time off during the holidays, make sure that your time isn't due to a ladder related injury.

- Keep 3 point contact on the ladder at all times.

- Have a buddy help stabilize the ladder while you are using it.

- Stay clear of powerlines

- Don't over reach, move the ladder as needed.

4. Fire Safety Links

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